Stand Alone Signs with permanent logos and information
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In this page we will try to show our creativity by presenting to you acrylic items we couldn't classify in the other five categories. We hope that this will show you how vast our manufacturing possibilities are. In this category one finds simple acrylic items like cash trays or stand alone signs and complicated but wonderful items like podiums and ballot boxes.

A number of simple items can make much difference for your everyday comfort. We can supply you with acrylic rings that have a thousand uses, from holding spherical items to keeping together a bundle of paper. Naturally, you can order any diameter you need. And what about our Cash Trays. They are great. You can even print your logo or any message you desire and we will integrate it in the tray.

There are a lot of other simple acrylic items we can provide you, amongst them the Stand alone signs. They are very similar to our stands in the Holders Category but this one has a permanent message on it. This can be anything from Logos to information that can be printed, engraved or done by vinyl stickers. It will serve you great where permanent signage is needed.

Then we have also the Acrylic Domes. They can be manufactured in any spherical or elliptical shape, in any diameter and height
you need. Their use is also vast,
from light shades to Aquariums.
And what Aquariums! You will
amaze your friends or clients
with its originality.
STANDS .......
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" We try to make the impossible possible! "
Experience & Reliability
Acrylic Items are the ideal solution for:

One of our vast selection of manufactured products
We take care of everything, including the security of your box
Acrylic Domes to your dimentions
For detailed information on each of the other catgories and the different types of stands we can offer you, please click one of the buttons below.
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The Above items are just a small selection of what we have already manufactured or can manufacture. We hope that they will help to inspire your fantasy and imagination so that you can come up with solutions for your needs and problems. Than you can come to SKYLINE PLASTIC WORKS and we will help you to realise your dreams. So ask us about anything you see or do not see in this page, because there is no limit of what we can manufacture and produce.
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We can provide you with acrylic domes in circular or eliptical shape
Acrylic Rings have a thousand and one uses
You can order any diameter you need
The Cash Trays are a great way of advertising your brand or pass a message to your clients
A podium that gives the professional touch you need in your business
The Podiums we manufacture are something that makes us and their owner proud. Using just transparent acrylic of different thickness, we produce professional podiums that are used in the top Conference Halls on the island. Forget the old natural wood or oak podiums and go with the time, order you acrylic podium now. As at Skyline we can supply you with the full service you deserve, we can finish it by using your logo on the front of the podium to further your company brand.
Simple and practical, it is the modern touch you still lack
Like the podiums, we can produce various kinds of ballot, donation or suggestion boxes, either simple or complicated in their design.

Here we are presenting you with a complicated ballot box to help you understand the extent we can arrive in our manufacture. This all acrylic box has a sliding door that is locked by means of a padlock and has an area on which messages can be pasted to give information to your public. As you can clearly see, the workmanship is very professional and will for surely enhance your image as a serious and modern company or individual.
An example of a ballot box we can manufacture
We can produce you a Ballot box to be proud of
Click for more detailed information on Acrylic Shades
Have something everyone else will talk about - A Skyline Aquarium
You can order one of our amazing Aquariums
Manufactured from an acrylic Dome, these Aquariums are incredible
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A clear acrylic handle to compliment your urn
We can also produce a large selection of urns of various sizes that can be used for any kind of lottery games you require.

The Urn we are presenting you here is all manufactured in acrylic. It has a round tube-shaped container that can be turned by means of a handle on the side. The axis of the tube are not centred so that the container will wobble as it is turned, mixing all its contents as it turns. The urn has a hinged door that is locked by means of a sliding lock that can be used both for putting
the tickets inside the
container and also to
insert your hand to
pick the winning
ticket. Using
transparent clear
acrylic makes this
urn the safest tool
for your lotteries.
An example of aN urn we can manufacture
A detail of the acrylic hinged door with the sliding lock
Have you ever dreamt of having a clear transparent chair, as if you are sitting in air? We at Skyline Plastic Work can manufacture such chairs.

Made of thick clear transparent acrylic, our chairs are manufactured to withstand the weight of any person.  Our chairs are very comfortable and impressively finished in high polished acrylic. We can offer you three types of design: The GRAND Chair - having a rounded back and arm rests; The Z-SHAPED Chair - made from one piece of acrylic; and the NORMAL Chair - having a back and four legs.

Grand Chair - Click to Enlarge
If you have a shop and you need a large quantity of containers, flexible and impressive, we can make them to you, custom-made for your needs

Totally transparent and made out of acrylic in order to make its contents visible, these containers can hold any type
of sweets or small objects.
With front flaps that open
upwards, we can make you
any size and combination you
require. Make life easier for
your customers they will pay
you back by buying more
from your outlet.
Acrylic Sweets Containers made to measure
All made from transparent acrylic
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If you need to promote your products by placing a practical sign on the pavement or somewhere outside, than you need a stand that can withstand all kinds of weather but the same time light to carry but heavy enough to withstand winds.

Our A-Boards are your ideal answer. Made of PVC it matches all the requirements mentioned above. Since we manufacture these stands, we can make them any size you need. So just asks what are your needs since we can help.
PVC A-Boards made to measure
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Z-Shaped Chair - Click to Enlarge
Z-Shaped Chair - Click to Enlarge
Normal Chair - Click to Enlarge
However, we are ready to manufacture for you chairs in a different design than the ones shown here. Just ask us and we can manufacture for you any shaped chair you require.
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