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It is impossible that you do not have anything to hold. Either in your house or shop, office, factory, car, museum, showcase, shop window, exhibition, kitchen, living room - the list continues for infinity; you will always need a holder to hold something. And we offer you an acrylic holder - custom-made for perfect stability.  As acrylic is a neutral material, you will not have any conservation problems as it does not emit vapours.

We are so sure of all we are saying because these kind of stand holders are the most common stands we manufacture. Below we mentioned just a few examples, but the fact is that we can provide you with any holder for anything and any situation.

So take a look below and if you do not find the exact thing you are looking for, just let your fantasy work on the stand that mostly match your needs or just come to Skyline Plastic Works and we will help you out.
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" We try to make the impossible possible! "
Experience & Reliability
Acrylic Holders are the ideal solution for:

One of our vast selection of manufactured products
Any kind of Holder for any kind of item and situation
A professional display stand for your shop window
A professional look for your Menu
Sell your products in an impressive stand
Your products will be nice and safe with our custom-made stands
A customer will be more willing to look at your products
A Lipstick stand with your brand-name
Simple and beautiful - leave a good impression on your clients
A practical Glasses holder, for a safe presentation
Custom-made acrylic stand holders
A selection of shoe holders
Even a small item like false finger-nails can be made to look impressive by the help of a good stand holder
They say that visual impact is half the sale and we give you the opportunity to have the visual impact you need. Take a look at the images around and see what we have manufactured for our clients. They are all custom-made stands holding on display a number of items like cosmetics, mobile phones, glasses, false finger-nails and shoes. But as you can see, nothing is impossible at Skyline, so visit us and become a satisfied client. You will be amazed what a professional stand will do to your items, therefore sales.

But these kinds of stands are not just for shop-window items. You can order any stand to display anything in your Living Room, Collection, Exhibition Hall, etc.
Do not waste more time, visit us
Even a simple, everyday item like a milk carton, can have an acrylic  holder
You deserve a comfortable life, even when you're preparing tea
A general purpose holder; just screw and it will hold you anything
The design of this holder let you use both sides for your information
Another interesting Menu Holder - the Tent Holder
The most common type is the slant holder, it can be manufactured in different sizes.
Although these stands are meant to hold menus, they can be used as you please
A slant menu and / or litreature holders
A versitile Menu Holder with a strong base
The T-Menu Holder - a popular double-sided selection
Use our L-shaped Book Holder to hold your books straight
Our slender information holders, specifically made to organis your library
Professional transparent books and information holders, as if they are not there
A reading stand for your comfort and well being
A nice reading stand that can be used anywhere and for any occasion
Skyline Plastic Works can also help you when you need to organise your office shelves or library. We can provide you with L-shaped Book holders that can be ordered transparent so that they won't show. But we can also supply you with slender information holders' in order to mark the shelves of your library. The truth is that you will appreciate an organised office or library; you will save time searching for that particular book.

But we can help you even if you are selling a book or publication. Our Easel Stands are the ideal solution for presenting your book on a reception desk, sales desk or any table-top.

And what about our Reading Stands. They are comfortable and can be used on your desk while studying, to hold your receipts book while you are cooking, in schools during lectures, at work during conferences and seminars, in church during praying, etc.

It is up to you to be comfortable; just visit us.
The book holders can be made in any size to hold any book or publication
Display your books and publication with pride - use our book holders
Wall-mounted Information Holders are good to be used in Stores
You can place different information on each side in the Double-Sided Tent Holder
These Double-Sided Tent Holder can be ordered in any length required
The information is easily slide from the sides
A wide selection of different Literature Holders
You can personalise your Literature Holder by ordering it with your brand colours
We also offer you multi-colour Literature Holders
The Slant Information Holder is ideal for prices, references and the like
Put your Business-card Holder on your reception or desk.
Another version of wall-mounted Information Holder - the Pocket type
The Pocet type Holder can even be hanged from shelves or items
Passing out literature is a good way of informing your clients about your products or a practical method of how to inform the public of your initiatives. In this section we like to give you an idea of what we can offer you in this regard.

We manufacture a wide selection of Literature holders, straight or angled, transparent or opaque, one pocket or multi-pocket. You can even specify the sizes you need.

We can offer you are business-card holders to place on your desk or reception. Other information products available are double-sided Tent holders, Slant information holders and different wall-mounted information holders, all ideal for prices, reference numbers, table numbers and an infinite number of other possibilities.

Should you need any ready-made standard brochure holders from stock kindly visit the Holders page by pressing the button below.
For detailed information on each of the other catgories and the different types of stands we can offer you, please click one of the buttons below.
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The Above items are just a small selection of what we have already manufactured or can manufacture. We hope that they will help to inspire your fantasy and imagination so that you can come up with solutions for your needs and problems. Than you can come to SKYLINE PLASTIC WORKS and we will help you to realise your dreams. So ask us about anything you see or do not see in this page, because there is no limit of what we can manufacture and produce.
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Have you ever been to a nice and cosy restaurant and spend a quarter of an hour waiting for a waiter to bring you the menu? Or have you been to an open-air cafe' and had to hold the cardboard menu all the time from flying off? Be sincere, it ruins half the pleasure.

Let's face it; you can loose a lot of clients. So come on, invest in some good and practical menu holders. We can manufacture for you a wide selection of different holders, with a lot of different possibilities and different ways of inserting your menu. You can also design your own original Menu Holder and we will produce it for you.

Naturally, all the menu holders shown here can also be used to hold other information you might need to show from time-to-time. That is why our menu holders are special, they are extremely flexible.

Should you need any ready-made standard menu holders from stock kindly visit the Holders page by pressing the button below.
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