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The Acrylic Sheets we offer our clients are produced by the best companies in Europe. We can offer you a vast range of colours, opacity, thickness and sizes. If you are looking for material which is the ideal choice for applications from signage to glazing, from display to sanitary ware, from catering to transport and many more, our cast acrylic plastic is the best material you can choose. Besides, we guarantee you the best prices in Malta.

Our sheets come in various dimensions, the largest being 305 cm by 203 cm, but we can also cut for you any size you need. The thickness starts at 1.5mm and goes up to 30mm. The different materials we can offer you is also impressive: Transparent Clear or coloured, Semi-Transparent, Clear Textured and Clear Silk (Anti-Reflective); Opaque, Mirror or in various colours, including Silver and Gold.
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" We try to make the impossible possible! "
Experience & Reliability
One of our vast selection of products
Cast Acrylic Sheets are the ideal solution for:


Relative Density
Rockwell Hardness
Water Absorption
Flammability - 1
Flammability - 2
Flammability - 3
Tensile Strength
Tensile Modulus
Elongation at Break
Flexural Strength
Flexural Modulus
Charpy Impact Strength
Vicat Softening Point
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity
Specific Heat
Light Transmission
Refractive Index
Surface Electrical Resistivity
Electrical Strength
Poissons Ratio

1.19 gcm ³
102 M Scale
Class 3
75 MPa
3200 MPa
116 MPa
3210 MPa
12 kJ.m ²
>110 °C
7.7 x 10  .K ¹
0.17 W(m.k.) ¹
1.5 J(gK) ¹
>92% in/en/bei/in 3mm
>10    m ²
15 ¹

ISO 1183
ISO 2039-2
ISO 62
DIN 4102
UL 94
BS 476, Pt 7
ISO 527 (5mm/min)
ISO R527 (5mm/min)
ISO 527 (5mm/min)
ISO 178 (2mm/min)
ISO 178 (2mm/min)
ISO 179 (un-notched)
ISO 306A
NBN B62-202
by DTA
ASTM D1003
ISO 489/A
IEC 93
IEC 243
You can select from more then 75 different colours or thickness
Check all technical data of our Cast Acrylic Sheets below:
Our Acrylic can claim a proven record in a wide variety of fields. But nowhere have its unique qualities been more convincingly and frequently demonstrated than in the sign industry. One obvious reason for this is the sheer durability of the material. 30-year-old signs almost look as bright and attractive as the day they were installed. Besides, acrylic offers exceptional weather-resistance, allows an impressive creative freedom to the designers and all colours look just as good in daylight as they do when illuminated.
Few competitive products can match the outstanding optical qualities of our clear transparent acrylic plastic. It is exceptionally clear, is virtually free from distortion and its light transmission factor is 92%; a combination of virtues which guarantee comfortable, detailed viewing for any display, being commercial, a work of art or an ancient artefact. The strength of the material and the solid protection it offers against theft, vandalism and accidental damage fully match its optical performance. In fact, our acrylic has a high impact resistance and meets all the requirements of the BS 6206 1981 Impact Performance Requirements for Flat Safety Glass and Safety Plastics for use in Buildings and conforms to the requirements in BS 6262 1982 Code of Practice for Glazing for Buildings.

Even UV radiation was taken care of by our acrylic manufactures - an important detail in the display of sensitive artefacts. One of our latest inclusions in our acrylic list is the Transparent Clear Silk (Anti-Reflective) - the ideal solution for problematic situations connected with light reflections.
A material used in the preparation and display of food and drink must offer, in equal measure, two quite separate virtues - it must be absolutely hygienic and attractive. Our acrylic is every bit as clean and hygienic as it looks. It is exceptionally easy to clean and can be washed, time after time, with hot water and detergents without harm. Its attractive appearance is further enhanced by the way it can be shaped, cut, polished and thermoformed in anyway you need. But the most important thing is that it fully complies with the EU directive (90/128/EEC) for plastics, materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.
The clear advantages of our acrylic in the transport field have been regularly demonstrated. With a light transmission of 92%, its optical properties are better than those of glass and its weight only half as much. Its strength, toughness and resistance to weathering are outstanding too. All in all, it is hardly surprising that our acrylic has been used in just anything which flies, floats or rolls - in particular yachts, speed boats, cars, buses and caravans. For glazing applications in which light intensity and solar heat transmission need to be minimised, transparent tinted acrylic can provide an effective and attractive answer.
The above data represents typical results obtained using standard test pieces.
The above information is given in good faith, but we are unable to guarantee its accuracy or to accept responsbility in respect of factors which are outside our knowledge or control.
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Physical Properties - There should not be any substantial change in the rigidity and brittleness in the first 10 years.

UV Protection - To ensure maximum durability and performance against harmful UV rays, a combination of UV stabilizer and UV absorber have been applied to our cast acrylic during production.