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The manufacture of custom-made acrylic stands is without any doubt one of our main service to our clients. Although in Malta you can find a large selection of ready-made stands in standard sizes, you cannot find anywhere else on the islands the option of creating your own custom-made stands, except at Skyline Plastic Works.

We feel that we must also point out that the ready made stands are generally made of PVC, which is an ideal material for mass production but will not serve you for long. It is not very strong and will yellow in a short time. That's why these ready-made stands are cheap. We manufacture all our stands from acrylic material, imported from the best companies in Europe. Acrylic is a material which is much stronger in composition than PVC, remains clear for a very very long time and is a neutral material; therefore it is safe from vapours and can hold the most delicate items and artefacts.

Although the stands are generally manufactured with clear transparent acrylic, we can offer you a large selection of colours, textures and thickness from which you can select to order your stands. The list includes
more than 25 different opaque colour shades and 10 different transparent colour tints. We can also offer you Silver and Gold, both as an opaque colour and as Mirror, together with Semi- Transparent, Clear Textured and Anti- Reflective Silk acrylic. The thickness of our opaque acrylic starts at 3mm and goes up to 6mm for certain colours, whilst the thickness of our transparent acrylic starts at 1.5mm and goes up to 30mm for certain tints.

It is very difficult to list what kind of stands we can offer you, as we can do any kind of stand you need. You can either design it yourself or tell us what you need and leave it in our hands. From our experience, we classify our stands in six different categories:

AUTOMOBILE - We manufacture a lot of items for the transport industry, like Taxi signs, Bus numbers boxes and shades or vents for old cars and buses, especially those parts which have been out-of-stock for quite a long time.

CONTAINERS - We manufacture different types of containers which are generally used by shops or the manufacture industry. General examples are containers for Jewelley or Silverware, small items Mass-Produced in a production line, Candy Bins or containers for Make-Up powder.

COVERS - We manufacture lots of covers of different sizes and for different uses, not only for hotels, shops and museums but also for domestic use. We can replace your broken Hi-Fi cover or create an acrylic cover for your prized item in your collection.

HOLDERS - These are the most common stands we manufacture as we basically can produce an acrylic holder for any item. To mention just a few examples, it could be a holder on which you display your merchandise in the shop window, Menu and Literature holders or even Book holders.

SHADES - We can manufacture acrylic Light Shades in any shape you need. Therefore if your old Light shades have became ugly and yellowish, why not come and order new acrylic light shades in the exact shape of the old ones. It will be worth it!

OTHERS - In this category we classify all the acrylic stands we couldn't fit in the other five categories. Here you will find all the unusual stands we have manufactured, example Podiums, Cash Trays, Ballot Boxes, Domes, Circular Rings, PVC A-Boards etc.
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