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Here you have the opportunity to view the vast selection of all the products we manufacture ourselves. Our factory in Birkirkara is equipped with specialised equipment and machines that enable us to manufacture a wide selection of items. The majority of these items can only be ordered at Skyline Plastic Works.

You can order any sign of any type, including Neon or engraving; any stand or phone booth. As we are their manufactures we guarantee you not only the best products possible but also the best prices in Malta and Gozo.

The selection of your choice is so vast that the only limitation is your / our imagination.

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" We try to make the impossible possible! "
Experience & Reliability
Without any doubt, Signs are our main sphere of expertise, mainly because we were the first company in Malta to manufacture professional signs. The range is so large that it is impossible to list here but we can offer illuminated and non-illuminated signs using acrylic or vinyl lettering and any other combination material you like, example aluminum or neon lighting. You can also have Box-Type letters and logos or Pressed Letters. The choice is yours.
Chose a long lasting sign and order engraved signage. You will be spoiled for selection: facials made of wood, brass, stainless steel, PVC, aluminum, glass or acrylic with more than 44 opaque colours and 13 transparent shades, and thickness from 2 to 25mm; infill of any colour you chose. Than we have the special engraving items, like Arabic Language, Braille, 3-D Engraving, Back Engraving and on Glass Bottles and Wine Glasses. Due to our computerised system we can engrave any font or logo.
The latest in our on going inclusion program in order to serve you better is the manufacturing of Neon Lighting. We do not just offer you signs with any logo, lettering or designs you need, but can offer you a wide range of ready-made stands that can be hanged to the walls or placed in your shop-window. Combinations with a number of other materials, like for example acrylic, is stunning and very attractive
It is impossible to list all the stands we manufacture, but the truth is that we are the only place in Malta where you can order custom-made acrylic stands. Besides the wide range of material colour, tint, size and thickness, you can order any kind of stand, from automobile shades, containers, covers, holders, shades, podiums and domes. The use can be commercial like shops or factories, domestic use like collections and lights, and conservation like museums and laboratories.
Read all the data on our Telephone Booths (or Acoustic hoods). They are totally designed and manufactured in our factory and are guaranteed to serve you good. Although the sizes and dimensions are fixed, the colour or type of acrylic used for the bubble can be selected from a wide range of possibilities. This can be also said regarding the plastic-vinyl backing. Give your guests some privacy, invest in our telephone booths.
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The Largest Wine Glass in the World
inscribed by the Guinness World Record
manufactured by Skyline Plastic Works.

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Read about our latest technology in perfecting our manufactured products for your benefit. The Laser Cutting technology we have just installed gives us the possibility to cut precise shapes no matter how small the size is and finishes the cut with perfect fine and polished edges and surfaces. Besides cutting, out laser can also engrave any font or logo according to your needs.
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Read about the forming process of shaping plastic to the required shape without cutting it and gluing other plastic pieces to it. The process of Forming plastic is divided in two different types: Pressing and Blowing. In all two processes the forming takes place after the plastic is heated to make it pliable enough to be shaped as need be.
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